Artist Statement

My Midwest suburban upbringing has given me a unique perspective within this American sub-culture that provides a wide range of topics to explore including environment, architecture, daily routines or “rituals” as I refer to them, spirituality, ideas of home, cultural diversity and time.  My earlier works depict scenes of children at play, water, and every day suburban life.  These images are a way for me to capture little redeeming moments in an otherwise mundane environment.

More recent works have expanded to include abstract grid works that allude to the redundancies of the suburban architecture, as well as the imposed, underlying structure and conformity of the daily life within this culture. ​ Utilizing found objects in many of my mixed media works, I am able to bring a concrete, physical connection to the immediate environment.  The clear panel that I use for my paintings provides a smooth, unforgiving surface that lets a little light shine through here and there.